Leon FleisherFROM THE ARCHIVES — Professor Tsang has twice brought legendary pianist Leon Fleisher to Austin for performing and teaching residencies at the UT Butler School of Music.

In 2004, the Austin American-Statesman wrote of Fleisher’s performance with Tsang, “A bit of recent music history strode onto the Bates Recital Hall stage in the person of pianist Leon Fleisher last week. While his performance of solo music, plus the Brahms Cello Sonata in E minor with UT cello professor Bion Tsang included wrong notes, the quality of the music-making was so exalted that some oopses here and there just didn’t matter. In the Cello Sonata with Tsang, I noticed odd balance choices that could have been due to Fleisher’s right hand tiring. Still, it was as if four hands and two instruments were being controlled by one brain. Tsang’s tone, particularly in the low register, was like warm chocolate sauce.”

Three years later they would repeat a similar recital program, this time with Tsang transcribing the difficult Brahms Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Op. 108, for the cello.

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