Longhorn Cellos

The Longhorn Cellos formed in 2012 in celebration of Prof. Bion Tsang’s first ten years at the UT Butler School of Music. The ensemble is comprised of the cellists currently studying in Prof. Tsang’s studio. Ringing true to the local slogan of “Keep Austin Weird,” the students bring their unique talents from all over Texas and North America and as far away as Finland and China.

Longhorn Cellos
Prof. Bion Tsang, Director

Original Members (pictured above)
Diana Burgess
David Campbell
Marcia Chen
Frank Jenkins
Jun Jin
Samuel Johnson
Ariel Kao
Hyung-Joo Kim
Tim Pizzichemi
Jun Seo
Daniel Smith
Johannes Teppo
Esme West
Yi Xin
Ying Zhang
Anna Záborszky