Prof. Bion Tsang simply changed my life. I worked with him during my three years of doctoral studies in the Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin, and the time we spent together working on cello or talking about music and life was a milestone in my personal growth.

I was quite old to be a student during those years and therefore a difficult student to deal with, but Prof. Tsang always had the right approach and the most valuable advice for me. Not only did I become a better cellist during those years, but I also became more aware of myself as a man. I was approached with a vision of care, with inner emotional strength, with endless confidence; in the learning process, I found myself more confident, I nurtured a vision for music and life, I built a solid emotional strength.

Prof. Tsang had the right gesture, the right fingering, most of all the right peace. Everything came from his powerful, intense sound. Through the cello, through his voice, through his life as father, husband and artist, he shaped the musician and the man I am today.

Every day I open my cello on the wings of his courage, I approach my students and my performances remembering his words: “I am here for you.” That generosity is what I cherish and try to emulate every day. This is the Art I have been through and Prof. Tsang keeps teaching. This is the Art he lives and I want to live.

Thank you, Prof. Tsang!

Francesco Mastromatteo
DMA ’12